Improved Buyer

Locator takes your investors on a safe, informative journey, reducing if not eliminating buyer remorse.

Quality Of Product

Developer education and training area built into Locator is there to ensure all questions are managed and expectations are delivered against.

Removing The Complexity

Locator takes care of the complexities surrounding property investment, protecting your relationships and adding to your portfolio of product offerings.

Investors and buyers judge everyone based on their personal experience.

Locator facilitates all stakeholders involved in the buying and investment process, using an intuitive interface, delivering a high quality positive customer experience.

Financial Stakeholders

Locator facilitates good quality property investment opportunities via Locator’s Confidential Distribution System.

Access to Locator is FREE for all approved users.


As a professional advisor to investors and also an interested stakeholder during a property purchasing transaction, you are uniquely situated as a stakeholder within a transaction.

Locator offers you a way to help clients when it comes time for them to consider selling. ‘On market’ through a trusted property professional, agent or advisor network or ‘Off Market’ within professional advisor relationship, without fear of losing any client data or relationships.


Locator provides property developers with a unique sales distribution solution. Locator is capable of taking professionally prepared and created architects files, movies and renders to be presented globally to attract developers investors and buyers.

Locator ensures developers projects are presented in the best way possible, exactly how you wanted them to be seen.



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