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Locator gives you control. Our platform gives you an overview of all stages of the selling process, delivering real time data from all parties involved throughout the sales process.


Locator empowers you to publish your projects into a variety of new global selling networks, thereby enhancing your distribution to reach new buyers and investors.

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Developers projects are often misrepresented, sadly it is a common issue amongst most developers worldwide. Locator enables you to keep the messaging and pricing the way you want it delivered directly to the buyers. You control the messaging and you control your project positioning and presentation.

How We Deliver

Locator delivers content for any type of property development.

Locator CDS

Locator CDS provides your approved sales channels with a unique advantage in the market place, enabling yourselves and them, to build and work with relationships in a totally confidential environment.

Locator CDS will enable your own sales teams and your appointed sales partners to connect to buyers and investors in your own network and through relationship driven professional advisor networks in a unique way.

Building Relationships

We deliver total developer confidence through sharing developer projects effortlessly through our relationship driven confidential networks as well as giving them a platform to develop their already existing sales networks and partnerships via Locator CDS.

Locator is FREE to use for all approved users.

Sales Growth Channel

With Locator you can build, scale and control your sales distribution.

It facilitates both in ‘On Market’ sales networking distribution across all and any approved real estate agent web sites and franchise networks.

Data Integrity

With Locator ‘your data remains your data’! Once data has been dropped in, no information is transferred to any 3rd parties. This ensures your networks remain free of targeted marketing and gives you sole ownership of your own data and communication to your customers and approved network partners.

100% Control

Locator delivers you control throughout the process of selling your stock. Locator enhances your ability to grow organically, through your own existing global networks.

Locator delivers a centralised way to manage projects and entire sales agent network whilst creating access to new investor groups.

Its FREE to use by all users approved by you.

Education & Training

Locator has a built in ‘Developer Messaging’ area. This enables you to train your approved sales network partners about who you are and what you offer in order to maximise your sales opportunity.

We highly recommend you educate those who directly effect your business success. Education and Training within Locator alongside your development project will enhance your brand profile.

Streamlined Management

Upon mapping a project into Locator, we customise the solution to meet your business and selling rules.

Locator’s single source content management system delivers streamlined administration, management benefits and scalability.

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We have found Locator to be reliable and easy to use. I cannot recall a single time that the system has not been effectively operating over 4 years.

The main strength in Locator is it’s ability to offer the same information to numerous sales channels whilst being able to maintain the information integrity from one central source.

Locator sets up a reliable platform to access local, national and international property sales once the networks are established.


Tony Creighton
Queensland Sales Manager

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The key benefits to us is the time advantage and the cost savings that attributed to not having extra staff.

Being a builder myself before, it was always hard to get the Builders to put together the House & Land Packages and then to have those published in a professional way but with the brand being the same and the layout, it gave as many builders who wanted to demonstrate their product the opportunity.

It's also given the Funder their security of being able to see LIVE where the project is at but it also gives them the security with their investors where everything is in terms of expression of interest & what has gone through to an unconditional contract.


Jeff Burch
Director of Burch Property Group

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Locator provides us with a superior level of interaction for our end users and potential clients. Our new environmentally sensitive, sustainable community development is built around ease of lifestyle whilst utilising the best that current technology has to offer. Locator mirrors this and presents us to the market in such a professional manner, it adds value to the key messages and values we are seeking to take to the market.


Wayne Drinkwater
Director Periurban Property Developments
Project Director Araluen Eco-munity


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