Win More Listings

Locator is a tool to help entice and win developer projects and expand your business.

Locator access is provided to you by the developer, or by us, at no cost to you.

Statista reported April 2023:

“The value of Real Estate market is projected to reach US$613.60tn in 2023. Residential Real Estate dominates the market with a projected market volume of US$498.60tn in 2023.”

“The value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 3.52%, resulting in a market volume of US$729.40tn by 2028.”

Enhance Your Brand

Locator delivers the technology to present developer projects.

Each project your're authorised to sell is totally marketed in your own brand and inside your own web site.

Locator is never seen by the buyer they only ever interact with you and your brand.

Improved Buyer Experience

Improving the buyers viewing, engagement and purchasing experience will generate a more positive recognition of your brand.

How Our Technology Delivers

Locator has no barrier to entry.
Locator is not a cost per user model.
It's FREE for all authorised users to access any approved project.

Locator CDS

Locator CDS provides you with a unique advantage in the market place, enabling you to build and work with relationships in a totally confidential environment.

Locator CDS will enable you to connect to buyers and investors in your network through relationship driven professional advisors.

Sales Channel Growth

With Locator you can build, scale and control your sales distribution worldwide.

It facilitates both in ‘On Market’ sales networking distribution across all and any approved real estate agent web sites and franchise networks. And ‘Off Market’ private confidential network marketing environment within Locator CDS.

Education & Training

Locator has an Education & Training area built into its cloud based platform. Using video media format to deliver and demonstrate the developers credentials, covering past experiences, previous projects, and existing projects. This helps to educate your sales teams and referral partners as well as deliver your buyers and investors investment confidence.

Streamlined Management

Upon mapping a project into Locator, we customise the solution to meet your business and selling rules.

Locator’s single source content management system delivers streamlined administration, management benefits and scalability.

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The simplicity of the system is that everyone knows where you stand, it really is so simple. The Buyer, the Seller and the Agent are all effectively up to date on what is going on. Most importantly from my perspective I am protected and the buyers belong to you. Everything is really really easy.

I honestly think its competitively much more powerful than having a static website. A Developer now doesnt need a direct sales force, they can have a network of professional agents that are known in a certain area, all up to date. And in realtity, I think you get a better result.

Nigel Lucas
Real Estate Agent

Locator came to Dubai to present to one our largest clients. It was at this presentation that we understood the power to deliver what the developer required in partnership with his other sales network partners we can now collaborate and create success.

• Great Sales Tool • Always live with ‘Real-Time’ data • Aggregation Globally • Scaleable Network Marketing • Time Saving • One Touch Reporting • Collaborative

Michael Rossiter
LJ Hooker International Project Marketing

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance.

Locator is managed by our property partner.
• Review • Search • Select • Analyse • Prepare • Personalise • Present

Locator delivers a better personalised customer experience.

Christopher Lane
Director, Private Wealth


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